Many times, walking is the only way to discover some of Madeira's best hidden treasures!

Notes: All walks start and finish at your hotel's reception area or at the harbour if you are visiting by cruise ship. If you wish to book a walk for +8 people, please request for a quote. The service duration displayed is approximate.

6h30 --€

#1 25 Fontes

  • Rabaçal
  • Risco
  • 25 Fontes
7h30 --€

#2 Caldeirão Verde

  • Santana
  • Caldeirão Verde
4h00 --€

#3 Levada do Norte

  • Levada do Norte
5h30 --€

#4 Ribeiro Frio

  • Ribeiro Frio
  • Portela
7h30 --€

#5 Pico Ruivo

  • Pico do Areeiro
  • Pico Ruivo
6h00 --€

#6 Encumeada

  • Boca da Corrida
  • Encumeada
5h30 --€

#7 Ponta de São Lourenço

  • Ponta de São Lourenço
5h30 --€

#8 Levada dos Maroços

  • Levada dos Maroços (Mimosas)
3h00 --€

#9 Balcões

  • Balcões
  • Ribeiro Frio
5h30 --€

#10 Levada da Referta

  • Levada da Referta

Daniel is a mountains and Levada expert, so he is the right person to give you all the information and advice about easy, safe Levada and mountain path walks that you can do privately on your own.

You'll be left at the beginning of your chosen walking itinerary and you'll be collected at the end.

For more challenging hikes or if you don’t like the idea of walking alone, we provide guided group walks.

For your own safety

It's never too much to emphasize that you must always take maximum care and pay lots of attention to where you're going and in no circumstances should you stand or walk too close to any edges, as carelessness can turn an otherwise pleasant experience, into an incident that everybody involve will always regret.

Of the utmost importance is the kind of footwear you're wearing. Have a pair of good quality walking boots that fit comfortably on your feet without tightening them too much. Appropriate socks are also a must.

Go dressed in layers, as it will be easier for you to maintain good body temperature. Choose loose fitting clothes. It's wise to have a light rain suit and a lantern for the tunnels. Carry some food and water in your backpack.

It's always a good idea to take your mobile phone with you too.